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A permanent establishment for your office abroad.

The problem:

For small and medium enterprises, an international presence brings relatively large expenses. The technological and organisational means for cost-effectively operating a foreign branch or foreign company have been available for some time now, but there is not yet the fiscal and administrative recognition of these modern methods.

It is possible right now to run a business from abroad profitably even if you don’t have an office or staff there and without ever going there yourself. Problems arise, however, because the authorities both in the host country and in the home country lay down regulations that do not recognise these modern management methods.

The solution:

Therefore, to obtain tax recognition as a business with a permanent establishment, a foreign branch requires a variety of characteristics and measures that would be very expensive to accomplish without the help of a specialised service. The services of Royce are tailored precisely to this issue. We give your Cyprus company the necessary substantial base, we secure your Cyprus permanent establishment, and we help you to succeed in Cyprus.

We ourselves do not offer services like company formation or the opening of bank accounts. However, we can recommend trusted partners able to support you in these matters.

Depending on your needs,  we just support you with a locally answered exclusive phone line, give your company a neutral business address or we find suitable personnel to serve as the local management and lease a complete office to you for exclusive or shared use. We take over all the little steps and tasks that are necessary for the operation of an orderly and well-run permanent establishment.